Mike Congdon

pre-planning prevents post-failure


Mike Congdon grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska. He now resides in Austin, Texas where he spends time programming and problem solving as well as writing songs and playing guitar.


In August, 2018 I transitioned out of the AV industry and began working as a Software Developer in Perl and Golang. I've found this transition to be amazing. I very much enjoy working with code and getting to use the productivity tools that the AV industry doesn't yet make use of (at time of writing May, 2019).

Music Projects

My most recent music projects have involved writing more songs in preparation for a future album. My intention with this next album is to continue with the folky feel of "Songs About a Brunette" and also include that titled song, as well as include some of the more eclectic songs I've written and have yet to release.
As always, thanks for listening!

Work Projects

My recent work projects have been mostly writing control system programs that operate on the Extron and Crestron platforms. I have in the process of writing these programs, gotten to a point where I can develop standards on how they should be written. This does require more focus, but in general ends up saving a considerable amount of time.
Something I would like to work on with my team next is sharing code and revision control.